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Odessa Attractions & sights - ukraine travel guide

Once upon a time Duke de Richelieu decided to build a city as beautiful as Paris, it was an order of her Majesty Catherine II. And he was succeeded. The city of Odessa is rich in attractions and places of interest.

Explore this wonderful city you can start with Primorskiy Boulevard. Pay attention to the architecture of buildings of the City Council - the main administrative building of Odessa; colonnade of the palace of the Count Vorontsov, a monument to one of the founders of the city - the Duke de Richelieu, monument to Pushkin. Be sure to visit Primorskiy Boulevard in the evening. At sunset Boulevard is transformed into a fantastic fairytale with thousands of colored lights on each of the trees. During your visit of Potemkin stairs, you'll get a great view of the marina. When you have a promenade along a marina you will have a fantastic time. Here you will see a monument of outstanding sculptor Ernst Neizvestnyi "The Golden Child", symbolizing a young but rapidly growing city, a monument to a "Sailor's Wife", which is staring at the see and waiting for her husband, opened the exhibition of anchors, art gallery and the church of St. Nicholas. In summer you can finish your marina tour a walk by the sea vessel. At the beginning of the Primorsky Boulevard you will see cast-iron cannon - a reminder of the Crimean War.
The symbol of Odessa is Deribasovskaya Street, which adjoins the city garden. It was the first of the Odessa`s Parks – it is the same age as a city. This is the most favorite destinations of Odessa`s citizens and visitors. There is a monument to a famous person of Odessa, who has devoted a lot of songs to his native city, Leonid Utesov, which seemed to have rest after the concert. Nearby there is a monument to the 12th chair of the novel of Odessa`s writers - Ilf and Petrov. In the center of the city garden there is a singing fountain, which in the evening is lit and has a musical accompaniment.

Also you should pay your attention to the most beautiful buildings in Europe, which was built in the style of Viennese baroque – the Theater of Opera and Ballet. The building is full from its sides allegorical sculptures, ornate balconies and loggias, beautiful gilded architectural ornaments. Another building is in Baroque style and also adorned with fine sculptures – this is Passage building.
It is difficult to describe all the attractions of Odessa in one article. It is better to come and take a walk through the ancient streets and parks, feel the energy of this wonderful city.

If one asks 100 foreign men what is Odessa famous for, 90 from them, having forgotten about local places of interests, sea, white beaches, and resorts will say: ‘definitely women!’

Odessa is the largest port in Ukraine, located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea. This wonderful city, all year round, welcomes visitors from different regions of the country and abroad. If you decide to come to Odessa do not worry about accommodation. There is a wide choice of comfortable apartments that can be rented, by the day, in any convenient area of the city. This service is well developed in Odessa and is not inferior to hotel service; in many ways it even surpasses it, since it offers visitors a comfortable "home" living condition. A large network of agencies have an extensive database of apartments for rent. Besides all the information you can get from home, going to, and look pictures and descriptions of different apartments. So, welcome to the beautiful Odessa, which at any time of the year will greet you with hospitality.