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Passage on Deribasovskaya

In the center of the Deribasovskaya street is located a monument of the 19th century "Passage." The building has a lot of historic value. This is one of the most incredibly beautiful buildings in Odessa. "Passage" was built in the Baroque style and is literally strewn with sculptures and statues.

Passage is translated as corridor and on both sides there are many shops. "Passage" has two entrances from different streets and, accordingly has two addresses; Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya (Transfiguration) Street. It was built by architect Vlodek. Each entrance has two statues- Mercury and Fortuna. The architecture inside of "Passage" is also decorated with numerous sculptures. The roof of the building is made of glass, so there is always natural light and is always comfortable in hot weather. "Passage” consists of shops and also includes the hotel "Passage" and the restaurant of the same name.

According to the legend “Passage" once belonged to a merchant of the first guild bread merchant Moses Mendeleevich. It was in 1915 he chartered a ship to America for goods, hoping for a nice profit. Unfortunately, it was during the First World War and the German submarine shot down a ship. Moses read about it in a newspaper, one morning visiting in a "Passage" in a good mood and bought that same newspaper from the local boy.

In place of "Passage" when in the 40's of the 19th century, there was built the house of entrepreneur Kramarev. In this house lived a brother of Alexander Pushkin, who was served at the Odessa customs. Kramarev was visited by famous people, Gogol and other intellectual elite of the city. Therefore, the "Passage" in fact is located on the historic site. In 1899 it was built the "Passage". There were always the most reputable shops - jewelry, small wares shop, perfumer's shop, crockery shop, etc.