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Odessa`s Catacombs is an extensive system of underground labyrinths and its quarries is located near Odessa and its suburbs. This is former quarry where building stone was quarried. These quarries were carried out in the 19th and early 20th century. It also includes openings of natural origin, storm sewers, drainage tunnels, caves, etc. The dimensions of the catacombs are fantastic. According to experts, these catacombs extend for 2,500 kilometers, which is more than in Paris and Rome. The mazes are partially interconnected.

Basically quarrying was associated with an active construction of the city in the early 19th century. Later quarrying in the city was banned, and catacombs of course, remain. Tourist catacombs are informative and fascinating. The mysterious twists labyrinths, massive landslides, underground unusual pattern attract tourists and residents. The catacombs are very popular among paleontologists.

During World War II they were used to hide guerrillas, who fought against the German invaders in particular the partisan group Molodtsov-Badaev. There were housed a kitchen, office, dormitories, workshops and even a sauna for the partisans. In the heroic struggle against the Germans even children participated. Once the Odessa guerrillas blew up a train, which is found under the rubble of about 200 Romanian officials who traveled to Odessa. The Germans fought hard against the guerrillas and set fire to the catacombs, walled them up, and gassed them, but the people survived thanks to the dedicated support of local scouts. Odessa catacombs saw a lot of events.

In the village of Nerubayskoe is the only one museum of catacombs in Ukraine, which preserves the memory of the partisan movement in the Odessa region. There is a monument- sculptural composition called the "People's Avengers". You can take regular tours in Odessa Catacombs and its surroundings. There are tour groups in Nerubayskoe and Holodnaya Balka villages. The entrances to the catacombs are located 20 km. from the city center. In some places, the depth of the mazes reaches 100 meters. There are sightseeing tours and separately organized museum tour of partisan defense. The Catacombs can be visited only with a reliable guide.