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Transfiguration Cathedral

The Savior - Transfiguration Cathedral is the largest Orthodox Church in Odessa. The history of the Saviour - Transfiguration Cathedral survived the construction, destruction and rebirth. The Cathedral as a Cathedral Square is the place where citizens of Odessa like to come it is related to any significant events or spiritual society. The cathedral was founded in 1795. First, in Cathedral Square there was a small Church of St. Nicholas, but in 1808, when the cathedral was built and during the baptizing of the main altar in honor of the Transfiguration, it was named the Transfiguration. The Right altar was baptized in honor of Nicholas of Myra, the left altar - in honor of St. Spyridon

Prince Dolgorukov wrote at the time of the cathedral, this magnificent temple architecture is "similar to the basilicas of Europe." The floor inside the church was lined with black marble and the center of the floor patterns are in the form of mosaic flooring. Later, the Cathedral was rebuilt and reconstructed many times, improving its decoration and layout. In the end at 1903 - it was the largest church of the Russian Empire and could accommodate up to 9,000 people.

In the cathedral are preserved as relics of an ancient image of Nicholas of Myra, copies of ancient icons of Kasperovskaya miraculous icon, and many other church hierarchy. Here were buried famous Kherson bishops, and Prince Vorontsov and his wife Elizabeth. In 1936, under Stalin's regime the Cathedral was blew up, Vorontsov and relics were reburied

On the eve of 2000, the restoration of the temple was begun. The restoration was carried out solely with money donated by corporations and individuals from Odessa. Now the cathedral is located in the heart of Cathedral Square, next to a fountain - monument and a monument of Governor Prince Vorontsov. In 2005, the remains of Vorontsov family were again returned to the cathedral and buried there. In 2008, for the first time after many years of neglect the tower bell of the cathedral rang.