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Primorskiy Boulevard

Primorskiy Boulevard is a front facade of the city, if you look at it from the sea side; it connects the port and the central part of the city. Buried in verdure of centenary plane trees, young chestnut, maple and lime trees, Boulevard is a parade of attractions in the open air. Since 1827 there is a Vorontsov Palace, which was built by the architect Boffo, who designed the Potemkin stairs and many beautiful buildings in Odessa, including the Palace of seafarers, the City Duma building, Hotel "Londonskaya" - all of them are located in Primorskiy Boulevard. The length of Primorskiy Boulevard - from Vorontsov Palace to the Duma Square - no more than a half of kilometer, but the beauty and elegance of the architecture, this boulevard is created in the classical style, and it is one of the best places of Odessa in Ukraine.

Many centuries ago on the place of Primorskiy Boulevard there was Turkish fortress Khadjibey, which was subjected to constant attacks during the Russian-Turkish wars. After the conclusion of making Jassy peace treaty in 1791 the land between the Southern Bug and Dniester passed to the Russian Empire, including the fortress Hadzhibey. After that they started a modernization of the construction of the fortress and the boulevard. Boulevard is built up on one side, the other side - a steep descent to the sea, in the center of which there is gorgeous Potemkin Stairs.

During the reconstruction of the boulevard in 2008 were found the remains of an ancient Greek settlement, which in former times was located on the place of the modern Boulevard - household items, appliances, owned 5.6 century BC. At the place has been decided to make a sort of an archaeological museum under the glass dome. The City Duma building from both sides is decorated with sculptures of the goddess of fertility and agriculture - Ceres and the patron of travelers and merchants - Mercury, and over the colonnade there are two female statues which are personifying Day and Night. Next to it there is a monument to Aleksander Pushkin, who lived in Odessa and a huge cast-iron cannon, which reminds of the Anglo-French bombardment of Odessa during the Crimean War in 1854. A little further there is a famous hotel "Londonskaya". In the center of Primorskiy Boulevard, right before the Potemkin stairs there is a bronze monument to the governor-general of Odessa Duke de Richelieu. From the top of the Primorskiy Boulevard you can see a magnificent view of the Seaport buildings.