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City Garden on Deribasovskaya

The Odessa City Garden stretches from Gavannaya to Preobrazhenskaya Streets, along the world-famous Deribasovskaya Street. This is the first city garden, which was built in Odessa. The history of the garden begins when the brother of de Ribas decided to plant some trees and next to his house. The garden has been well cared; as a result it has become a beautiful blooming place. In 1806, the area was presented to the city. In the garden there was a brass band. Sophisticated audiences liked to rest here.

In the city garden, in addition to beauty blooming greenery, there are luxurious flowerbeds, a fountain and many attractions. At the beginning of the street Deribasovskaya there are bronze sculptures of a lion and lioness. Next to them, there is a monument to Leonid Utesov, who was born, lived in Odessa and dedicated many songs to his native city. The original statue is "12 chairs" from the legendary novel of Odessa writers Ilf and Petrov. Guests and visitors can take many pictures there. In the city park there is a bronze statue of "Tree of Love". This tree has 210 petals in the form of hearts - so many years was Odessa, when it was set up. There you can see only one word - "love," in 65 languages

In the city garden, the cinema "Utochkino" is located, named in honor of legendary - aviator Utochkin. This theater had once been his brother`s, and well-known family name helped him in commerce. There is also the monument to Sergei Utochkin - aviator. A restaurant"Pecheskago” is located near the cinema where you can relax, listen to music and taste delicious dishes at the same time. Previously in the City Garden stalls with art paintings and other handicrafts were located. Now this exhibition is moved to Cathedral Square, which is perpendicular to the Deribasovskaya Street.

Another attraction at the city park is a singing fountain, in the evening you can see a light-representation of a combination of classic tunes and vibrant play of colored lights. It's stunningly beautiful. The City garden is a favorite place of Odessa citizens and it is always crowded until night.