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Arcadia- beach, nightlife: disco and clubs

The modern Arcadia is an ideal place for leisure and entertainment. Around the coast there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, amusement rides, and in the immediate vicinity are luxury hotels and resorts. You can have a luxurious rest in Arcadia you can in such hotels as the "Palace Del Mar", "Arcadia Plaza", "Villa Panama", "Villa Venezia", "Villa Napoli", hotel "Sea." All the hotels 3 - 5 stars. Basically they are quite comfortable mini-hotels, where you can have a good rest after a busy day, and if necessary you can combine leisure and work.

Its development and recognition by residents and visitors Arcadia got because of a gentle descent to the sea, and has excellent climatic conditions, which made Arcadia in a chic lounge area, as well as spa and mud resort. The resort area is located in the Primorskiy region, near the fifth to seventh stations of Big Fountain. The sea air is clean and numerous parks provide comfort in the hottest weather. Hotels in Arcadia operate year-round, here you cannot just relax, but there are also a variety of health programs. There is a resort with a polyclinic, hydropathic establishment and guest houses.

Arcadia`s history goes back to ancient 19th century, when the aristocratic people lived there. In 1818 Prince Volkonskiy bought a homestead there, Pushkin often visited these places. The name Gagarin plateau kept from the days when brothers' Gagarin lived there- the descendants of the princely family. Arcadia got its name in honor of one mountain area in Greece that the Greeks associated with pleasure, happiness, contentment and peace

The most popular beach Arcadia – the beach next to the nightclub "Ithaca." For enjoying the beach there are two large landscaped swimming pools, volleyball and football. Right on the beach is a beautiful restaurant of your choice that serves European, Mediterranean, Greek and Japanese cuisines. The helpful staff will bring your order directly to you. The most famous night clubs are "Ibiza" and "Ithaca." The night clubs of Arcadia offer vivid live shows.

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