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main street of Odessa- Deribasovskaya

Deribasovskaya is a symbol of Odessa, the most populous and vibrant street in a city. Today it is not even a street, but we can say an avenue, who likes to walk all citizens and their guests, because the traffic there is closed. The roadway was faced with masonry - paving blocks. Next to Deribasovskaya there is Odessa`s City Garden, together they create a great walking boulevard with restaurants, cafes and shops. This is a historic part of the city, because the Street is full of the old buildings of the architecture of 19th century.

The Street got its name in honor of the first governor of the Duke de Ribas, whose memorial is set at the beginning of the street, on the street side of Polskaya Street (Polish Street). Directly opposite the city garden on the other side of the Deribasovskaya street there is a well-known "Passage" This building was built in 1856 and is the historical value of the city. The architectural style is amazing. Built in the Baroque style, the building is full of numerous sculptures, statues that can be viewed for hours. The architecture of the building is graceful as outside as inside. Inside the courtyard "Passage" is nestled a glass roof, which adds to the high building and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Inside the courtyard there are many luxury shops and boutiques. Before the revolution, the building was owned by Faberge.

Deribasovskaya Street together with the City garden abounds with monuments - a monument to Leonid Utesov, who was born and lived in Odessa and devoted a lot of songs to that city; Utochkin monument, "the 12th chair" from the masterpiece of Ilf and Petrov, engraved with the words of Ostap Bender; sculptures "Lion" and "Lioness". Here is the cinema "Utochkin cinema." The restaurant of Italian and Assyrian cuisines "Casanova" is located in Deribasovskaya Street belongs to the one of the best restaurants in Ukraine. In the center of Deribasovskaya Street there is the largest shopping center "Europe", next to McDonald's. It's packed with all sorts of boutiques, luxury cosmetics and clothing brands. Here, on the sixth floor you can eat lunch enjoying the panoramic views of the city. Another historical place of Deribasovskaya Street is the hotel "Bolshaya Moscowskaya", built in the Art Nouveau style. The facade of the building was restored, it was returned to its original appearance in 1904, and the building is housing now a 5-star boutique hotel.

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